Friday, July 8, 2011

FuyoOO..!! Anwar Ibrahim Jadi VVIP Guest....?

When tweeted by @farhan_zali, Anwar replied, “go to sleep and dont make noise”…”don’t assume anything…I’m in London 12 midnight.” What he meant was he had arrived London on Saturday July 2.

From London, Anwar gave out orders following the Agong’s advice, in which his majesty expressed sadness over the plans by BERSIH on July 9.

Anwar tweeted, “London: His Majesty advised: Be careful of the spin by UMNO-BN media. My comment: with utmost respect to his majesty; PR will recommend BERSIH have an audience with his majesty over the cheatings by the EC.”

What is interesting was on Saturday July 2 a mammoth gay celebration was taking place in London.

Called the ‘2011 World Pride,’ the event organised by Pride London, an organisation that goes all out to gather all LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) types for 15 days filled with queer events, including a conference to discuss the future of the movement and a grand gay parade as climax.

“Show your support for the rights of the LGBT, so that everyone can be proud to be an LGBT by participating in the grand ‘Gay Pride Parade 2011’ filled with colours and costumes,” screamed a listing in the website

The parade and street party would take over the streets and public spaces of Central London for one massive celebration of gay pride, identity and culture.

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