Thursday, August 11, 2011

Asraf Haziq Kena Buat Pembedahan Tulang Rahang Kat Royal London Hospital…

A Malaysian student who was filmed being mugged after rioters attacked him in London is recovering in hospital.

The attack in Barking on Mohd Asyraf Haziq, 20, on Monday night, made headlines after it was put on YouTube.

Dzuhair Hanafiah, chairman of the London UMNO Club, an organisation which takes care of Malaysian people in the capital, said Mr Haziq was "in good spirits".

He said he was due to have surgery on his jaw at the Royal London Hospital.

Mr Hanafiah, who visited the accountancy student in hospital on Tuesday night, said Mr Haziq had been on his bicycle on his way to a friend's house when he was attacked by a group of youths.

"They wanted his bicycle - one of them took it away. Asyraf said he was no more than 12 years old. Another person took his mobile phone. Then someone punched or knocked him with an object, he can't remember what, but when he regained consciousness he was bleeding," he told the BBC.

He was shocked that he had been beaten up, and that he couldn't defend himself”

"According to Asyraf, a different group then came and stole his Sony PSP, a game console, but they didn't manage to find his wallet. He thinks they may have been part of the same gang, but there were about 20 people," said Mr Hanafiah.

He said Mr Haziq was "really shaken at that point" but was rescued by a local woman who took him back to her house, and then managed to contact a friend of his through Facebook, who came and picked him up.

Mr Hanafiah said as the swelling got worse, the friend realised Mr Haziq - who had won a scholarship to study in the UK and had arrived in London only last month - needed more treatment and he went to hospital.

Speaking about the attack, Mr Hanafiah said Mr Haziq was "shocked that he had been beaten up, and that he couldn't defend himself", but he believed he was all right.

"He wants justice to be upheld, he knows a police report will be lodged and he hopes the police will take action. None of his property has been found.

Dzuhair Hanafiah
London UMNO Club

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