Thursday, March 17, 2011

Press Statement Kak Umi. Ini Macam Baru Berann..!! Kak Umi Berani Saman Sebab Berada Dipihak Benar…

Yeah.., saman Kak Umi jangan bagi chance kat mangkok2 tue semua..! Ajar sket biar padan muka they oLz..!! Sesuka ati nak fitnah macam macam…!!

Haa aah.. macam nie la baru berann.., kalau kita dipihak yang betul kita bertindak jer jangan nak takut takut…

Anwar Ibrahim dok kata orang fitnah dier laa, konspirasi la, kenapa tak saman..?? Saman la Kak Umi kalau berann.., ade berann..??

Umi Hafilda Mohd Ali today filed a RM100 million libel suit against businessman Nor Azman Abdullah Baginda Minda and Malaysiakini.

The suit was filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court this afternoon.

Umi claims that an article which appeared in Malaysiakini on Tuesday, which quoted Baginda as saying that he will expose her alleged misdeeds.

She is also seeking an injunction against Baginda and Malaysiakini from repeating or publishing further defamatory statements.

Speaking to reporters after filing the suit, Umi said Baginda had tarnished her reputation following Anwar Ibrahim’s first sodomy trial in 1998.

Umi, who was a key witness in the trial, said Baginda was used by the defence team to testify against her credibility.

“Baginda is merely a tool used by Anwar to defame me,” she said, adding that PAS and PKR were also harping on the matter for their own interest.

Umi also said that she took this legal action not because she is afraid of Baginda going out on a tour to repeat the defamatory claims but it was directed to maintain her reputation and integrity.

“This are mere slanderous allegations,” she said.

In her 18-page statement of claim, the businesswoman claimed that Baginda's statement and article implied:

- that she was a desperate businesswoman who wanted more business opportunities
- an immoral woman
- a woman with many scandals
- a lady who practises pre-marital sex
- a person who cannot be trusted
- a woman who is not truthful
- a cheap woman who could be paid to do anything
- a liar
- a person who is willing to lie in court
- was a person responsible in bringing allegedly present victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in the present sodomy case.

Malaysiakini Vicariously Liable

She claimed that Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd which operates the news portal had allowed the publication of the defamatory article without taking steps to verify the veracity of such allegations against the plaintiff. Hence, Umi claims Malaysiakini is vicariously liable for this legal action.

Umi claimed she is a person of high profile and hold various business and social position.

She said that she also appeared in the electronic and print media to make Malaysians realise over the hypocrisy of politicians willing to reveal their scandals.

Umi, who is the younger sister of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, claims she suffered of ridicule following the statements made by Baginda and this had an impact on her reputation.

She claimed as a result of the defamatory statement people will view her as a woman with no priciples and morals.

Accompanying her in the press conference was her legal advisor Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz

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  1. Macammana Baginda?. Macammana Malaysiakini?...Ummi Hafilda terus saman kerana dia tahu dia di pihak yang benar dan ada bukti. Anwar macammana? tak saman Ummi Hafilda ke?. BERANI KERANA BENAR, TAKUT KERANA SALAH.....