Monday, April 25, 2011

Karpal Singh Setuju Memang Anwar Ibrahim Ada Meliwat Saiful... Cayalah!!

SODOMY2 - Trial resumes with lead defence counsel Karpal Singh noting it has been a long trial of 57 days, 27 witnesses called.

SODOMY2 - Karpal submits that prosecution failed to make prima facie case & defence should not be called.

SODOMY2 - Karpal sys accusedplaced at tactical disadvantage as charge was under consensual intercourse.

SODOMY2 - Karpal says Section 377B is carnal intercourse against nature with consent, prosecution cannot amend the charge at this stage.

SODOMY2 - Karpal says important for court to consider credibility of testimony from the star witness.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: If evidence not credible, witness testimony should be rejected.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: From evidence in chief, Saiful does not appear to be a country bumpkin.

SODOMY2 - Karpal said Saiful had the opportunity of leaving the condominium but did not do so.

SODOMY2 - Karpal recaps blow-by-blow account of moments before the alleged sodomy happened.

SODOMY2 - Karpal points out that Saiful never made any attempts to leave even though he had the opportunity.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: Instead of leaving bedroom, he goes to the accused.

SODOMY2 - Karpal says Saiful does everything, including allegedly putting lubricant on accused's penis 'voluntarily'.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: I'm not saying this happened but his testimony never mentions any attempts of resisting.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: No element of hesitation on part of SP1 at all times during alleged intercourse.

SODOMY2 - Karpal says Saiful testified he had coffee, currypuffs with Anwar after alleged sodomy shows no demeanour of a sodomy victim.

SODOMY2 - Karpal: Evidence in support of charge has to be very convincing... can your Lordship say it is convincing?

SODOMY2 - Karpal says Saiful committed an offence of giving false evidence & liable to be punished for lying under oath.

SODOMY2 - Karpal says Pusrawi's Dr Mohd Osman should have been called as prosecution witness.

SODOMY2 - Karpal also pointed out that Saiful claimed to have met Ezam Md Nor, a
former Anwar aide, on the same day of police report

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