Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sulaiman Taib Boycott Ragad Waled..???

Memang cun bini baru Chief Minister Sarawak nie…, Ragad Waled sorang wanita Lebanon yang dilahirkan di Damascus, Syria. Ragad pernah menjadi air stewardess sebelum dia kahwin dengan Tan Sri Taib Mahmud…

LG baca satu article ceritakan dah ade bunyi bunyi dan suara suara sumbang kat Sarawak nie rasa Ragad akan jadi wanita yang akan control Sarawak’s Chief Minister.

“….. Not surprisingly, rumors have abounded that his family is concerned about her growing influence over his fabulous wealth and huge business empire that spans several continents.

His political allies are even more worried the buxom Ragad may dilute and blunt his ruthlessness over their common foes.

Has the time come for strongman Taib to finally lose his grip on Sarawak - one of the most richly-endowed with natural resources in Malaysia?

Only time can tell if indeed theirs is true love ... and if they will live happily ever after ... “

However, conspicuously absent was son Sulaiman Taib! Now, where can he be - the Kota Samarahan MP….?

Dalam article tu panjang lebar cerita pasal Sulaiman Taib…. LG ingat lagi, Sulaiman pernah PM lantik sebagai Timbalan Menteri Perlancongan. Ramai yang kata dia resign sebab tak boleh hidup dengan life style jadik Timbalan Menteri… susah nak maintain lifestyle orang kaya kaya.., tak suka naik kereta rasmi Perdana…, lebih suka naik kereta imported!

Ade jugak yang kata dia resign sebab nak balik Sarawak getting ready nak take over Taib Mahmud sebagai Chief Minister yang baru… Tapi Taib Mahmud sendiri pun tak konfiden sebab anak dia nie banyak kali gagal nak uruskan bisnes famili mereka.

“….. in previous posts how he failed to manage the property companies which his father bestowed upon him in the United States and it is common knowledge that he was later removed from the Board of RHB Bank owing to his non-performance as well.

Indeed, far from coming back to Sarawak to take over, Sulaiman has now disappeared entirely from public view. Opposition MPs point out that he is in fact the only MP who has not put one foot inside the Federal Parliament building for the entire past parliamentary session and they are criticising him, quite rightly, for failing to perform the job he is paid by the public purse to do, which is to represent his constituents…. “

Kiranya, Sulaiman nie pun kes tak datang Parliament sebagai MP Kota Samarahan, macam kes Yb Badrul Port Klang la kot!

Agak agaknyer Sulaiman buat semua nie sebagai nak tunjuk protes kat bonda tiri dia…?

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